A Piece Of My Heart by Shirley Lauro

IVP began its journey with A Piece Of My Heart, based on 26 interviews with women who served in Vietnam during the war. Women who participated in the War, all of whom were volunteers, were forced to put an "m" next to their names (signifying male). As a result, there is no official list of how many women served in Vietnam, though estimates range between 10,000-100,000.

The piece opened on Veteran's Day, 2011 at the Tank Theater in NYC. Since then, it has toured throughout the country at venues including: 


2012: The Living Theater, New York City 

2013: 20th Anniversary of the Vietnam Women's Memorial Foundation, Washington, DC

2014: Sheridan College, Sheridan, Wyoming

2015: Museum of American Armor, Bethpage, NY


The tour was made possible by sponsorship from the Kuehne Foundation, Stop and Shop, the Bristal Assisted Living Community, and the Vietnam Women's Memorial Foundation.  

IVP received a generous commission from the Bethpage/Farmingdale Historical Society to perform for Women's History Month on March 19th, 2017. 



"IVP’s show galvanized people of different ages and life experiences into a community aware of veterans’ issues and, specifically, the contributions women have made in the defense and maintenance of their country. I have never seen our community as united as it was during our experience with IVP"

-DannyLee Hodnett, Sheridan Theater Faculty


"You are a credit to your craft"

-Paul Del Rossi, Kuehne Foundation


"Those who saw it will likely never forget it"

-Steve Woody, Sheridan Press 


"What an amazing and talented group of thespians"

-Jackie Van Mark, Sheridan VA Healthcare System