In Their Footsteps

IVP's newest play uses oral histories as the entire source material. The show is now heading to The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. For more information on the Fringe go to:

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Over 50 years ago, thousands of young American women went to Vietnam to serve their country. These women's stories remain untold. In 2016, Infinite Variety Productions interviewed five of these women; Ann Kelsey (Special Services Librarian), Judy Jenkins Guadino (Special Services RecreationEmployee), Jeanne "Sam" Christie (Red Cross, Donut Dollie), Lily Adams (US Army Nurse), and Doris "Lucki" Allen (US Army Intelligence Specialist).

Through these oral histories, IVP has created a fascinating and endearing 55-minute documentary theatre piece, in which the actors only use the exact words from the five women's testimonies. In Their Footsteps vividly recreates their memories - in all their glory, humor, and horror. Seamlessly weaving between the five stories, In Their Footsteps manages to portray the human side of war, creating bunkers, rooftops, military vehicles, and more through a constantly moving set composed of just five blocks.

The piece opened in December 2017 at Under St. Mark's. The show then continued with a run at 59E59 Theatres.

All the shows sold out and the show according to reviewer Carole Di Tosti, "elected to highlight what happened in Viet Nam from women’s perspectives. What they have rendered is astonishing and memorable. It will be presented next at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which runs from August 3 – August 27 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Hopefully, it will appear at other venues when it returns. It is a must-see." To read the full article click on:


To read an interview with WOSL President Martha Kuhns and VWMF member Edie Meeks, as well as board member Ashley Adelman about the importance of using theatre to tell veteran stories, the difference between female and male veterans and other such questions: check out the article on The Clyde Finch Report: