Insignificant by Sean Michael Welch

Insignificant, IVP's first original production based on the first female astronomers, premiered at the Kraine Theater in NYC in December 2015.

It is 1925, and young yet ingenious Cecilia Payne seeks guidance from veteran astronomer Annie Jump Cannon on her doctoral thesis. Sensing Cecilia’s doubts about her unbelievable findings, Annie leads Cecilia through her own struggle as a brilliant female scientist in a male world. She introduces Cecilia to Mina Fleming, Antonia Maury, and Henrietta Leavitt, women whose research and discoveries in science have lived throughout the centuries but whose names have been ignored. Fiercely sarcastic and bittersweet, Insignificant tells the true stories of the women behind the stars and their astounding but uncelebrated triumphs in the field of astronomy. Defiantly unconventional, the play reminds us that women have to break all the rules to make history.



"...entertaining, provocative, and informative" 

-Sandra Kwesi Cameron, Huffington Post


"IVP has put together a treat for anyone who likes their theater to be as educational as it is entertaining"

-Natalie Sacks, ChargedFM


"Welch's storytelling acumen allows him to deliver scientific exposition...without sacrificing the characters' sincere and at times raw human emotions"  

-Nick Leshi, City of Kik