Special Events

  Censored On Final Approach  at the American Airpower Museum

Censored On Final Approach at the American Airpower Museum


Censored On Final Approach tells the story of four WASPs (Women Air Force Service Pilots). The WASPs were a group of roughly one thousand women hired by the United States Army Air Forces during WWII to fly military aircrafts, thereby freeing male pilots for combat missions. These women flew a combined total of over 600 million miles in every type of military aircraft and paved the way for future generations of female pilots, both military and civilian. Once the war ended, the program was deactivated. The women who were there as civilians were told to “just go back home.” It was not until 1977 that these women were finally given military status, over 30 years after the war had ended. 

The show continued at the American Airpower Museum, one of the only WWII hangars in the country. The set included an old WWII plane. We were honored to have WASPs Elinor Faust, Carla Horowitz and Bee Haydu come to the performances.

IVP traveled to Washington, DC to perform Censored On Final Approach at the Women In Military Service For America Memorial.  





A reading of Beyond the Etchings by Vietnam Veteran Bob Staranowicz and IVP creators Ashley Adelman and Kelly Teaford, was held at The Vietnam Women's Memorial. The story tells the story of men and women whose names are visited on the Vietnam Wall everyday. Beyond the Etchings reminds us that war not only changes the lives of those in the war zone but many others waiting anxiously at home. Basing the play around oral histories, letters and first hand accounts, Beyond the Etchings reminds us of the power of listening, remembering and connecting. 

An excerpt of These Shining Lives was presented for the Cultural Committee's Health and Occupational Safety Seminar on September 18th, 2013 at the New York Academy of Medicine to continue the important conversation of improving workplace conditions for employees. 

  Insignificant  at Astronomy on Tap

Insignificant at Astronomy on Tap

IVP performed an excerpt from Insignificant at HeForShe Arts Week sponsored by UN Women in March, 2016. The evening featured original work by innovative New York City artists to create conversation around breaking gender conventions. Insignificant was also recently featured at an Astronomy on Tap event to make the sciences accessible to the public. Click here for a live stream of the evening.

 Director Kelly Teaford with talk back speaker Tina Susman

Director Kelly Teaford with talk back speaker Tina Susman

On March 8th, 2015 we honored female journalists at the Bowery Poetry Club. Company members performed monologues from the voices of former war correspondents Lee Miller, Martha Gelhorn, and Dorothea Lange and shared scenes from Brian Kirchner's The Fortunate Light about Margaret Bourke-White. A talk back with journalist Tina Susman, dubbed the "master of disaster" for her coverage of South Africa and the Middle East among others, joined us for a post-show talk back.