Wyoming Theater Festival

IVP has partnered with the Wyoming Theater Festival since 2013, developing new work with other artists in the Sheridan, Wyoming community.

Utah by Sean Michael Welch

Behind the scenes of a large franchise bookstore, two former lovers- an American man, Aidan, and an Ethiopian woman, Zera- confront each other over the relationship's demise. Despite trying to keep their secrets, Zera's conflict with her conservative Ethiopian upbringing and her radically new New York life come to light.

Untouched by D.L. Siegel

Set in an alternate present of an economic collapse, Untouched takes us to The Pantheon, a once popular bookstore turned brothel in Astoria, New York. Here, Lady Lazarus and her "shop girls" are forces to upturn profits. In the wake of this fallen economy, a young woman must decide how far she will go to protect her family.