IVP's mission is to share the stories of women throughout history. We strive to always create space so that the voices of the marginalized, oppressed and unheard can be expressed so that productive conversations can provoke meaningful change.

Because we are a theater company, we know the importance of presence. Therefore, we stand in solidarity with the protesters, the petitioners, the donators and all who actively fight against systemic and internalized racism and an end to police brutality. And we proudly and un-apologetically say, Black Lives Matter.

Below are some places you can donate to help. (We’d also like to add ACLU, NAACP and Black Lives Matter to the list) We know though finances are tight for many so if you cannot contribute with funds do so by always, always staying aware, signing petitions, sharing information and resources and showing up.

We are a small company but any woman of color who has a script that wants to do a reading we are happy to offer any and all resources. Email us to let us know how we can help get your words out.


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Infinite Variety Productions is a registered 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax-deductible.

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