Our newest project is centered around the story of Carla Howard Horowitz, a WASP pilot with whom Ashley Adelman, the playwright got the privilege to interview a few years back.


Over the course of the pandemic, Ashley and the IVP team workshopped this new piece- based on Carla's interview and the experience of New Yorkers during the shelter in place order due to COVID-19-  to create what is now titled, "Can We Talk." It is a story about isolation, imagination, and moving forward- all centered around Carla and her incredible life. 


Due to the limitations caused by the pandemic, IVP is choosing to do a filmed theatrical production of Can We Talk


We have a talented, professional team assembled to create this innovative and raw new form of theatre and film.


Carla was a natural pilot and all she wanted to do was - to fly. In the 1940s she got her chance and she worked hard to get into the Women Airforce Service Pilots Program (WASP), to graduate and to serve her country. But the program was shut down once the war ended. Carla's love for flying though never stopped though.

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