In Their Footsteps

by Ashley Adelman









Announcing In Their Footsteps: The Radio Play!

For the first time ever, In Their Footsteps is being transformed into a radio play! Listen to the play critics have called “moving”, “astonishing”, “relevant”,  and “unmissable” in the privacy (and COVID safety) of your own earbuds beginning November 11, 2020. Subscribe to IVP's YouTube channel now to be the first to know when the radio play launches and where you can listen. 


While you're at it, join us for our online launch celebration on November 9, 10, and 11, 2020. In honor of Veterans Day, we'll watch a special full cast video recording of the radio play (exclusively available on these three nights) and engage in panel discussions with unique guests each night discussing different elements of the Vietnam War that deeply resonate today. 

For more information about each night's panelists and the team behind the play, please peruse our digital program here

Why You Should and How You Can Bring In Their Footsteps to Your Community

Over 50 years ago, thousands of young American women went to Vietnam to serve their country. These women's stories remain largely untold. In 2016, Infinite Variety Productions interviewed five of these women; Ann Kelsey (Special Services Librarian), Judy Jenkins Guadino (Special Services Recreation Employee), Jeanne "Sam" Christie (Red Cross, Donut Dollie), Lily Adams (US Army Nurse), and Doris "Lucki" Allen (US Army Intelligence Specialist).

Using these oral histories, IVP created a fascinating and endearing 55-minute documentary theatre piece, in which the actors only use the exact words from the five women's testimonies. In Their Footsteps vividly recreates their memories - in all their glory, humor, and horror. Seamlessly weaving between the five stories, In Their Footsteps portrays the human side of war: creating bunkers, rooftops, military vehicles, and more through a constantly moving set composed of just five blocks.

The piece opened in December 2017 at Under St. Mark's under the direction of Ashley Adelman and Kelly TeafordThe cast of the first workshop featured Genevieve Howell, Sharon Litwonoff, Caroline Peters, Megan Smith, Jessi Zhang, and Marie ZoumaniguiThe journey continued with a run at 59E59 Theatres performed by Chrystal BethellKate SzekelyCaroline PetersCriena House, and Niki Hatzidis, with the part of Lily also being played in some performances by Shelby Wong and Larissa Dzegar. 

All of the shows in that run sold out and the show received critical acclaim from reviewers at Onstage Blog, Theater Pizazz, The Reviews Hub, and The Sunday Post.

In Their Footsteps is a highly adaptable show, requiring only a few props and boxes as set pieces. To hire IVP to put up a production of In Their Footstepsemail Ashley Adelman at

If interested in staging In Their Footsteps on your own, the full script and rights to the play can be found here.